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05 may

Date: MAY 05 2017

Meet the vocalists, Part one - Bjorn Strid of Soilwork

Breaking news once again -- and without a doubt the biggest news we've had the pleasure of being able to reveal at this point! Remember our recent teaser trailer about the mystery singer?

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05 mar

Date: MAR 05 2017

Entering Polaris & In Motion mystery singer

Can you guess the singer you're hearing in this clip? Surf to and to to find out more!

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27 nov

Date: NOV 27 2016

Announcement trailer

It's finally here! Our very first official trailer, announcing our debut album 'Thriving Force' and giving you an extended preview of the kind of music that will be on the record. Everything you'll hear in this trailer is still pre-mix, pre-amping and pre-master, so stay tuned for more updates as we move into the final stages of production in the coming...

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16 may

Date: MAY 16 2016

Bass recordings

Finally, after Lord knows how many aeons (actually, since april 21st last year, according to facebook), another In Motion update... I know progress is agonizingly slow on this album, but other awesome bands and projects such as 23 Acez, Neo Prophet, Quantum Fantay, Entering Polaris, Offworld, Projected Horizons,...

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About the Album


About the band


Welcome to
the official website of
In Motion,
the Progressive Thrash/Death Metal project from Belgium with all the cool singers..

The Band

Conceived as a collection of hard-hitting and complex songs, In Motion is all about Thrash/Death Metal with a progressive edge, drawing influences from bands such as Gojira, Hacride, Sylosis, Prototype and Mistaken Element. Lyrically, the album explores mainly metaphysical themes in a broad sci-fi context, musing on the roles of men and gods in the strange and far-flung futures of our universe. Stay tuned for an album that's heavy, thrashy and aggressive, but also progressive, haunting and atmospheric – and featuring a stellar cast of vocalists from bands from all across the scene. Follow us on our journey as we move into the final stages of production this year and announce the amazing singers that will be joining us on our debut record.

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