1. Swamps of S.F.D: Out / Temploid
  3. Shaman's Garden
  4. Terminal
  5. Killing Voices in H.E.A.D.
  6. Planetary Displacement (No Si]sta)
  7. SpIceS of the DeSeRt
  8. Scattered Minds Freak Alike
  9. Power Supply
  10. Some Cirkles Are Square
  11. Arabesque
  12. Tidepools / Swamps of S.F.D : In

Release Details

DATE : 22 September 2016

Some Circles Are Square

Written and recorded between 2010 and 3014, Offworld’s ‘Some Circles Are Square’ takes the listener on a conceptual journey through Sci-Fi literature’s farthest reaches – from Cyberpunk to Space Opera and beyond.

Twelve epic tracks, each brimming with ideas, bursting with creative energy and instrumental wizardry, yet wildly different from one another. Unbound and experimental, this is Progressive music pushed to its creative extreme.

Released in September 2016 and out on FREIA Music.