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29 june

Date: JUNE 29 2018

Entering Polaris vocalists: please welcome Audrey Dandeville!

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07 june

Date: JUNE 07 2018

The physical CDs (in the form of this beautiful digipack) are HERE!!

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31 may

Date: MAY 31 2018

SEVEN more days

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25 may

Date: MAY 25 2018

Preorder the album & lyric video

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01 may

Date: MAY 01 2018

Offical release date - debut album

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30 mar

Date: MAR 30 2018

Definitive album cover - GODSEED

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18 feb

Date: FEB 18 2018

Entering Polaris vocalist videos

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04 jul

Date: JUL 04 2017

Fun little teaser

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12 june

Date: JUNE 12 2018

Rock Tribune - full article and interview

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02 june

Date: JUNE 02 2018

Entering Polaris: meet the vocalists, part 7 -- please welcome Arno Menses!!

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30 may

Date: MAY 30 2018

Only EIGHT more days to go 'til the release of our debut album 'Godseed'...

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03 may

Date: MAY 03 2018

Meet the Vocalists - part 6

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20 apr

Date: APR 20 2018

Announcement - Thomas Vikström

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02 mar

Date: MAR 02 2018

Announcement - Fabio Lione

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05 jan

Date: JAN 14 2018

announcement - Georg Neuhauser

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06 jun

Date: JUN 06 2017

interview - Hell Spawn Magazine

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About the Album


About the band


Welcome to the official website of Entering Polaris, the Melodic/ Progressive Metal band from Belgium with all the cool vocalists!

The Band

Conceived as a project that would unite influences from a plethora of Metal styles and subgenres, ranging from classic Heavy Metal through modern Progressive Metal, to acoustic music, Prog Rock, Power Metal, Thrash Metal and beyond, Entering Polaris’ debut album ‘Godseed’ offers a collection of catchy, to-the-point, yet still complex songs that burst with energy, melody and atmosphere –and featuring a stellar cast of vocalists from bands from all across the scene.

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